Sunday, July 15, 2012

July's Haps

Summer means many different things to many people, and to me, it means trying to stay busy doing things since there's been no swell. That being said, I did recover my log, which was stolen last winter. I had been training for, and have completed the 12 mile Jay Moriarity Paddleboard race (prone), and have been in the process of shaping my first surfboard. Until then, I just dream of waves like the one taken of one of the great mornings last winter at the hook...

Ripping day at the Hook
Nikon FM
Fuji 400

Below are some pictures of board number 1, and hopefully many more will follow. I have literally been dreaming about shaping surfboards since I was a little kid, land-locked in Arizona, playing Endless Summer on loop, hands itching to shave some foam into wave shred sleds.

Here it is... A summertime inspired, mush cruising, squat diamond tailed, stick, meant for pure pleasure. It has a low entry rocker flat mid section, and low tail rocker, meant for turning the waves energy into slip sliding fun (in theory).


And now, to glass this beast...

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