Friday, July 22, 2011

Creatures which shall not be named

Its a strange phenomena among surfers, that they never speak about the larger varieties of fish which make their home in the oceans of the world. And by fish, I mean sharks. Essentially its like everybody in Harry Potter never saying Voldemorts name out loud. I'm guessing that these people look at the universe around themselves in a slightly skewed way; viewing the world around them through a prism, or seeing the distortion similar to peering into a slightly convex fish bowl. The truth of the matter is that we think of ourselves as the high man on the totem pole, when in fact, we are pretty low on the food chain whenever we enter into the wet, fish filled ecosystems off of our coasts. Is ignorance bliss? It could be. I have a different take on all of the hoopla. If I don't believe in them, they won't believe in me!

Canon 20D

And a shot from last night...

The Boardwalk
Canon 20D

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