Friday, July 8, 2011

Walk Don't Run

The film project I have been working on over the past two weeks has finally come to an end, and now I can finally put more energy into the waves! After I recover of course from last weekend. I unfortunately have been cursed with the black lung this week after a fantastic display of illegal and rogue fireworks from the Harbor citizens in Santa Cruz. In their brilliance every year, the city fails to shell out any money in order to have an official display of air born incendiary patriotism, and also has banned all personal firework shows.  When this occurs, we all know that any red-blooded American takes things into their own hands. And, in the spirit of nationalism, every single yank tries to one up each other in the name of freedom.

All in all, a lot of shit was lit on fire, and now I am hacking up a lung. 

Here are some photos from a roll I just got back...

Down the Line
Fuji 400, 35mm

Single Fin
Fuji 400, 35mm
Lighthouse Field
Fuji 400, 35mm

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