Friday, June 24, 2011

Back in the Cruz

After a long day driving, and a few random stops along the way to check the surf, I finally made it home, and I'm pumped! It seems more like summer up here than in L.A....stupid June gloom. I acquired a new used easel that some one was throwing away in my brothers apartment complex, and with a little love, the thing will be holding my masterpieces.

Here are some shots I took on my way up the coast, and a few of the Current Swell concert I went to in Capitola. If you haven't heard of them, jump on grooveshark and play some of their stuff. Your ear bones will wiggle in delight while your face melts off. I apologize right now for the lack of quality of photos. I need to develop a roll!

Crappy Fone Pictures...

Here is a new magnifying glass burn thing that's a work in progress. What makes this process so hard is relying on the sun. No sun=no fire.


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