Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Southern Cali Love

The 101 South few past, miles and miles under the tires, as I navigated my way down to Manhattan Beach over the weekend. It was moving day for my brother, and I had the dubious honor of being slave labor, cramming every possession of his into a reverse Jenga-like storage unit. The saint that has the goodness in them to help my brother move into his new place in a few weeks, is going to need to know how to defuse booby-traps, unless they want a harpoon of a curtain rod in the face or a computer chair to pounce upon them. I don't think I have ever seen a storage unit packed so full!

Now that's over, I've had some free time to explore Manhattan Beach, and have found some pretty awesome waves around town. This one jumped out at me for two reasons. First, it's a wave, and second, its a bike rack! I love seeing bike racks that have some sort of creativity woven into the creation. It reminded me a whole lot of David Byrne's creations in New York. The funny thing, is that the blue paint wasn't even scratched! I'm not sure if people know these things are for bikes. They should put them out in front of the bars...

Nice Rack!
Manhattan Beach Bike Rack

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