Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mornings of June Gloom

A couple years ago I went down to Costa Rica on a surf trip with a friend of mine. We were completely surfed out after a few days shredding some beach break and decided to rent some quads and rip around the peninsula close to where we were staying in Mal Pais. We ended up swimming to a deserted island off the tiny town of Cabuya about 300-400 yards. This was one of the most eerie places I have ever been to, since all the residents are in permanent repose. The island has roughly 50 graves, and a tiny little outdoor chapel for funerals. 

Once we swam back to the mainland (we later found out that you can walk to this island at a low tide), we cruised down the coast to Montezuma to fuel up on some fish tacos and Pilsens, and ended up running into my friend's friend that he grew up with back in Maryland (talk about a crazy small world!). He was sitting on a curb in front of a business, burning the logo into a big board with a magnifying glass. I thought I'd try my hand at the same sort thing, and I have to say it is zen like, patient process to use the suns energy to create a piece. And, you need sunscreen. Lots of sunscreen.

Check out more of Walker Babington's work!

"Hold Fast"
Magnifying Glass on Plywood

More to come! My brain is swimming with ideas!

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  1. That was a crazy encounter with Walker! I am surprised you remember his name. You should hit him up on Facebook and check out more of his work on there. He is really really good at it.

    You also failed to mention that apparently a lot of people get caught out to sea while swimming to Cabuya. We were lucky (and dumb) on that day.